Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2008

Watch out!

It seems the Dor'Shak, who has been quiet for some time and thus slowly escaped the mind of many Arilonians is stirring again. Yesterday he started sending scouting parties to TC again, consisting of Orga forces assisted by some pirates. Newt and me were able to fight back the first forces, but later in the evening another party appeared and they erected a statue and a hut west of Arilon! Arlon and Puppy managed to question one of the pirates and learned that they only help the Dor'Shak because he forces them to. The pirate also repeated that our hooded enemy is gathering an army. We should watch out for more scouts and try to forge the weapon against the Dor'Shak as fast as possible!

But the day also held joyous news: on a hunt to Wasteland with Frenzymac, Hermes and Balaforn i got the last mising leather, so i could finally obtain one of Donoma's fine caps. The effort paid off, it fits my head well and i´m sure it will offer better protection than a thin layer of leather had.

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