Freitag, 24. Oktober 2008

Into the cold

Yesterday started with a visit to Wendies, where Tarra and Pit Bull were hunting. We didn´t found any skull, but met a Silverback-Nightwendecka! I was wondering how much the fur of this impressive animal is worth, but until we can seriously challenge it a lot of lectures have to be learned first.

A rescue at the riverbed resulted in a hunt at Niamph jungle, which provided Reindinho with 2 leather and i had quite some fun skinning and evading multiple hooves at once.

Back in town Crash asked me if i wanted to come along on a trip to the Longsword-seller and i gladly accepted. After some slimy falls of the group when we fought a bunch of Taxhisworms, we ran into Bisonland. This time we didn´t meet a cobra and so we soon arrived at the spot where the skilled eyes of pathfinders like Crash and me can see a way to climb up to Tundra. We didn´t want to return immediately and so we decided to hunt a little in Tundra. I was glad my fur is already becoming longer due to approaching winter, because it was icy cold there. We met and killed several Snowtigers and - thanks to Abe's mental boost - even a Sabreowl aswell as many Gianthermelins. I would have liked to try to skin a Tundrawolf, but maybe i should be happy we didn´t meet one. Still, the hunt was nice and i´m sure we will hunt in Tundra from time to time now.

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