Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2008

The barren lands proved the more successful hunting area

When i woke up yesterday a nice ratio of healers and fighters was around and after a while i was heading towards Wasteland together with Jago, Terra Bul and Tarra. In the rocky passes i made the pleasant observation that Jago must have studied with Skalio, as she recovered lots of snakescales with ease. Although the snakes sometimes managed to sink their poisonous teeth into the skin of one of us, this made their presence much more welcome.

When we reached the dry lands behind the passes we started working our way towards Dinken. If you always keep the Canyon, a deep gorge deviding the Wasteland nearly into two parts, to your right you can´t miss it. Although we had delivered the last food for the inhabitants quite some time ago the inhabitants still look miserable. It seems only the craftsmen creating Anevays and Oakbashers have recovered their full strength. I had hoped to see the forger of the Hatchets again and learn his price or maybe another promising, young smith, but that hope proved vain.

On our way back i insisted on greeting Hannes, who has been looking into the Canyon probably longer than i am old. It always makes me a little sad seeing him sitting lost in thought on the edge of a barren country. But on the way back to the passes (Tarra had to go back to Meditower, but Newt already waited at the passes to accompany us) and on another tour deeper south nearly towards the river, we found 2 pieces of hyena leather, which cheered me up quite a bit. Now Jago and me only need to find 2 more each.

In the meanwhile more and more people had come out of the tower and i took the opportunity and announced a hunt at Aroona, where i wanted to give Newt the opportunity to fill the last bleak spots on his map, so i can one day paint them into the big world map. The start was rather fast, as the group kept together well enough to follow me through various paths leading us to Party Beach. We had to take boats then, as i sadly haven´t found safe paths across the stones scattered between Piratebeach and Mirrin Islands yet. We rowed north and soon had explored the small plateau in the east of Aroona. The part around the little village proved not much more difficult, but we were able to recover quite some nice furs from the tigris.

Only when we wanted to land in the northeast of the inland lake we had become a little careless. The first try of taking the long, steep stairs leading from the docks up to the grassy plateau was not successful, but some nice chainruns saved the group. Then we went to the east and disaster struck. All of a sudden several grey panther were lunging at the group from the north. Although they are small, their teeth and claws are sharp as a razor, which brought down about half the group. Then large grey tigris appeared too and caused further trouble. Sadly i waited a little too long with my order for retreat and so only a few healers made it back onto the lake. Sadly, rescue efforts proved vain.

All in all it was a nice, but much too short hunt, on which i learned to keep a more watchful eye on the time of retreat. I only wonder wether it was a sign, that both times i gave the order to retreat to the boats, i was hit and killed right after and the one time i was on a chain and pulled towards the boats the chainer also fell.

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