Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

OC: Camp 1

When i left the Meditower on Saturday evening several people were in the lands and the usual question for a bigger hunt came up. Terra Bul proposed a hunt in Orga Camp, where Chosch, who is back in the lands and had just passed Sarques' test and Tzorn, a Drakh Nor who has a fighter apprenticeship, could join and hit some monsters aswell.

The appointed time for the hunt was still a little off, so i started to the northwest on a - as it proved fruitless - search for paths leading to the Plateau or Orga Camp. Soon after the others arrived and we killed our first Rage and Fury even before we had entered the passage. Before entering the passage i was asked to take leadership. I accepted and guided the other 9 people to the wall. We were a nice, balanced group with 4 fighters, 1 fighter apprentice, 1 mage and 4 healers. Nevertheless i thought that Camp 2 might prove too hard for the less trained attendants, so i slowly lead the group towards Camp 1. In retrostect my commands might have contained a little too many lectures, but in general the group worked together well, allowing tags for most people and no one got lost or behaved to our disadvantage.

I was looking forward to the actual storm on Camp 1, but there weren´t that many Orga around, so that a full-scale attack by the group already provided victory. I had hoped on giving lectures about rodding Shamans or Hemlocks and maybe a fury that had to be lured or something similar. But only 1 mile south of the Camp i finally knew who´s fault every misfortune on this hunt was, when said person took an unannounced nap for some time ;) while i had planned to make a short break in the safe 1 mile further south. We then made our way back towards Autumn Woods and only Puppy had to depart, because he had an urgent desire to meditate. We safely arrived back on Plateau and i hope, everyone had as much fun as i had and no one felt insulted or bored by too many commands from me.

The hunt also was a nice opportunity for me to check how well i can handle Furies now. Basically i noted what i had already thought: as Birgil somehow has warded the test area against the help of magic crystals, their effect on my abilities is what i still need to train before i can hope to pass into the 3rd circle.

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