Freitag, 31. Oktober 2008


Yesterday started with a meeting with Ziyal. She wanted to check the strengths of some pirates aswell as of those Undead living in the Mynna Crypt. The fight against the pirates went pretty well and i was glad for every single lesson i have already spent listening to Battuo. Only very few pirates managed to escape with their lifes and give us a hard time, among those the crew of a battleship.

The Undead proved to be a bigger threat, mostly owned to their numbers, but also because noone managed to brick the Banshees and some Skeletons and Spirits were reincarnations of apparently very strong warriors. Terra Bul managed to paint some of the scenes of this fight, i was too busy swinging, evading and running.

After the test was over, i was invited on a hunt to Ardvell. The way to the spiderplateau involved a boattrip, but i was hoping for solid ground under my feet again and so endured what can´t be avoided until i find some hidden paths or a mage learns the art of opening a Portal into this region. Some days ago Terra Bul had told me she´d like to try hypnotising me to take my fear of boats and in retrospect i am wondering if she did so yesterday without asking me. The fights with the spiders were very dangerous, even for the large and skilled group, especially when there was more than one to fight. Ursus did a great job luring them to us, but several times we fell or had to flee to the river. I suppose i´ll never know if Terra's hypnosis on me caused me to take a boat rather than fall on the ground or wether it was due to the peer pressure of everyone else running there. Anyway, it was slightly better than being dragged into the muddy river upside down. After killing some spiders it was getting late and we headed back to the safety of MT. I´m sure that more spiderhunts will follow and with the skills enhanced we´ll give them a better stand than now and kill even more.

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