Montag, 20. Oktober 2008

Dor'Shak tests our skills

My day started with a rescue towards Chateau Loredan. Apparently a group had displeased the guards and the strongly armed watchmen proved the better fighters. So Tarra, Penthka and me set out and headed for a path leading us from Autumn Woods to Ponyland. Lots of horses and a little miscalculation from me lead to myself arriving at the Chauteau - but both healers were fallen on the way. Luckily Kathius had left the Meditower in the meantime and was soon coming to Autumn Wood together with Balaforn. This time we fought us down to the palace and we managed to get up the fallen healers aswell as those in the Chateau.

Back in town, i wanted to check if i judge my current training correctly. As can be seen on the next picture, i did:

After that i went to Wasteland once more together with Pit Bull and Newt. We did quite well and even found 2 leather for Pit. Close to the river we were attacked by a pack of blue tinged hyenas and i managed to recover quite a nice fur:

Once more town center called and there my nap was disrupted by some Orga sticking their heads into Arilon. It seems the Dor'Shak is slowly getting serious with killing us, the forces he sent yesterday seemed to be a test of our strength. Several Fearless, some Snow Zerks and even a Fury were part of the army. Lots of Pirates accompanied the Orga, about half of them being priests. Once when we were healing up in Reizendes tree, the Orga even managed to build a statue near the Arindal-cave. Their buildings skills must have improved greatly and we really have to be careful to not be surrounded by an Orga siege one day.

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