Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2008


Today i had a nice hunt in Kittyland with Bingro, where we skinned lots and lots of furry creatures. The tour was very successful, my purse was much heavier when we left. When i came back from Akvumi, where i had checked something all the training and routine in skinning paid off, when i recovered a boloks fur worth 20c!

I was so happy with this fur, that i lay down in town center and somehow my eyes must have closed and i dozed off. I woke up from thunder rolling and some wet drops falling on me! Unnoticed in my sleep a storm had come close and the first drops began to fall. I sprang up and hurried to the tower to avoid getting wet. I am curious wether the storm will change anything in the lands as many other big storms have in the past.

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