Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2008

Exploring Boanyoo

Yesterday i discovered i can finally use shortcuts leading to Plateau aswell as to Kittyland, so my short training with F'rritti has paid off well. Although i don´t really like the pirate, i am now listening to Tutamen to learn how to keep on my feet longer even when i get hurt.

After i went to Donoma with Lafaborn, where he bought a harness fitting for an Azcatl (waitsize XXS). Afterwards we joined Tarra and Ursus in Wendies, where we petted the Silverback.

After this Crash, Ursus, Tarra, Terra Bul and me hunted through the Caverns of Darkness. At first i was afraid of the seemingly shoreless lakes in the caves, but Terra was so kind to lead my boatthrough relatively calm waters to the next landing places. We earned quite some money there and i gained lots of experience aswell. The trip would have been even nicer if all caves had had bridges connecting the isles with oneanother. Even the deepest cave, where bolting monoliths made my fur stand up, didn´t prove a real difficulty due to excellent teamwork.

When we finally emerged from the caves, we found it was still quite early in the day and so decided to go on a follow-up hunt. The choice fell on Boanyoo, which made me quite excited as i hadn´t had more than a glimpse of the region when exploring Derain and accidently peeking through a cave leading into the desert.

We had just arrived, when Newt joined us and so we started exploring Boanyoo from the place where we entered (we took the bridge leading over the Derain ravine) to the south. Just one mile west of the entrance is a little village, which looks quite forsaken. The houses look shabby and most have been hastily locked. But this is understandable, as the village lacks defensive structures and the region is inhabited not only by worms, poisonous lizards and Camels, but also by Jawas and Sandbandits, some of which even mounted lizards to ride upon. The way south and west took us to a beautiful beach, where a seemingly rather calm ocean branded upon. The beach also housed mutated Sandmahas. Terra found them rather ugly, but their unusual built made their furs rather valuable. We also encountered Sandwyrm, Snigils and greater Sandworms, but after all the adventures that day the group worked together well and we rarely got ourselves into deep trouble.
Another remarkable place is a graveyard of considerable size. It is haunted by Undead, but nevertheless Terra Bul seemed to like the location near the beach and claimed one of the graves for herself.
After we had seen all of southern Boanyoo and found it to be bordered by the mountains, behind which Derain valley lies, in the east and an ocean in the south and west., we went home as it had become late. It was a great tour, with a lot to see!

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