Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008

An exhausting day

The day started with something lots of Arilonians might call easy work or even being lazy: i sat in front of Reizendes tree and finally copied Newts map of Tarana and Treangi into the world map, which i am currently keeping and cultivating. I had pushed this task ahead long enough, dreading Taranas cliffs, plateaus and mountain passes. It took quite a while, but when i was done i felt a great burden being taken from me. I will now add some more details and then publish the newest version of the map.

After a very exciting, relaxing hunt with Frenzymac and Pit Bull in the Niamph jungle, where i discovered a previously unknown path, i was asked if i would be interested to hunt even stronger horses, on Eilean! I agreed and while i was waiting at the meeting point, i remembered i once started to map the island aswell. Soon i found the scetch, which had some dog ears but was otherwise unharmed. I think i will add the already mapped half to the map, before i publish it. The hunt itself was not very nice, the horses knew how to kick with their hooves and we had to end the hunt quickly, i even had to be chained headlong through the water to carrots, where Tarra and Terra Bul had to clear my lungs of water. I hate these experiences!

To compensate for the misery we wanted to hunt some Barwidgee Wolves, so that Tarra could buy reinforced bracers. The search went well and soon we had found the leather he needed. I even managed to skin a quite valuable fur of a bear:

Of course the hunt didn´t go smoothly all the time, at the end we had to run from quite some Snigils to save everyone, but it was a nice end of the days labours. Now i just have to find a path along the stones in Mirrin Bay to spare myself the boats to reduce the dangers of the way.

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