Freitag, 3. Oktober 2008

A Visit to Sunken

Today very few people were around once more and i had already skinned lots of feline critters, so i decided to take a look down into Sunken Forest. I quickly cleared the area around the ladder from Potaks and soon was on my way deeper into the eastern part. At first i just had to kill some more Potaks and even found some Kraskajos. Sadly all of them are just kills for me these days. But not long after i was attacked by a Chabyllus. In the time before the big storm i hunted them for a long time to grow stronger, but until today i had always failed to solo one of them. But it seems the addition of continued training and some new equipment had changed tides. Finally i was able to move fast enough not only to evade their tentacles, but also to wound it severely and finally bring it down. Excited i journeyed deeper into Sunken and defeated some more chabys. I was so concentrated on spotting and fighting them that i didn´t notice at first: not all of them were still vanqs! It seems my training differs more from the time before the big storm than i was aware of. I will have to think more about my training to ensure i will stay on the path i want to take.

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