Montag, 30. März 2009

Summer Refreshments

While most Arilonians enjoy the height of summer with long, warm days, the inhabitants of the colder places of our known world seem to feel less comfortable. Wether their native regions are becoming too warm in summer or if they just wanted to cause some trouble will remain unknown, but a huge pack of whitefurred animals attacked the Arilonians yesterday.
While the snowvermines, tigers or cougars didn´t pose much of a threat anymore, the giant snowvermines bites caused devastating wounds on those too slow to evade them. As no healers were around when the first creatures appeared this caused some trouble, but with more people leaving the meditower the situation improved. All of a sudden yells of fear were to be heard: a frostgiant had sneaked up and caused some chaos. In the end we had to lure it away, hoping it to melt or die of heat, as our weapons all slid along his icy hide but could not penetrate it.

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Falk hat gesagt…

oh, we killed the Frost Gigant a little later when no other creature was around. It turned out that he was pretty weak when he is surrounded and nearly has no room to move...