Mittwoch, 4. März 2009

Silencing dogs

Yesterday we were sitting in town and discussed once more a hunting destination. In the end we settled for Ardvell, but hoping for some reinforcements we delayed the start a bit. To kill the time (and some Orga) a small group decided to make its way to Orga Camp and pay a visit to the Orga Chieftain in the caves below Camp 2. The cave was heavily guarded, making fighting a challenge, but the situation was always under control.
As we killed our way further into the cave, Gravier and me already discussed who would get a chainride home, because he would be unhealable, because we had only 2 healers with us and the Chieftain is famous for his solid blows. But as Jazz pointed out, he is also very slow, so that in the end we managed to overwhelm him. Trapping and hacking until the situation gets critical, then luring and repeating proved a successful strategy. We were rewarded by discovering a nice, full chest the Orga was carrying around and quickly devided the coins.
No more people had shown up and so we made our way to Ardvell. My schooled eyes quickly found a way through the dense forest in the first snell, so we could avoid the run through the mazelike way leading deeper into the woods. First we turned south as i estimated the thieves village to lie just behind some trees and i wanted to examine the place for a way to slip through. I had just found a promising spot, when we were ambushed by a pack of barking watchdogs. First my heart beat much faster, then my hate for them took over and with cold determination we lured one after the other to the north and killed them. As much as i despise them, their furs are indeed very soft, leading to high prices.
After we got reinforced by another healer we ventured further into the forest, where Dresko demonstrated her impressive skill in guessing the creatures movements and so hitting with nearly every strike. When we encountered Ashursos we thought our hunt to be over, but we at least wanted to try to bring one of them down. We lured him away and much to our surprise didn´t have too many difficulties. I was able to evade nearly all his angry blows, while Dresko wounded him from the side, until we all tried to get a hit and in the end vanquished him. All in all it was a very nice hunt, especially the fights with the Ursos, of which we encountered a whole lot on our way back, were challenging and insturctive.


Gravier hat gesagt…

wow! Ashursos are no threat anymore? :)

Glamdring hat gesagt…

Well, i wouldn´t say it that way. But with some coordination and if it is alone it´s perfectly managable