Montag, 2. März 2009

Durin returns

Yesterday started with a nice little hunt to the hidden valley. After stripping the fur off some Caverncercops, we ventured south, fighting Tok'Han and rattlesnakes. The former leave deep wounds if you don´t manage to evade quickly enough, the latter pump their poison in your blood if they manage to bite you, so it was really nasty. In the end we arrived at the 4th circle testhouses, where Tarra, Jazzmertize and Frenzymac each tried to pass but sadly all failed.
Afterwards we went north to challenge some more cercops and hoping to find some dragons too. We did and even found an emerald. While hitting the beasts proved not so great a problem, i was rather disappointed to be hit by nearly everything living in this valley, i really have to train harder.

Later that day several people were relaxing in town when Durin Stonemaster appeared. He was so satisfied with the result of his forging that he asked to be called Durin Weaponmaster from now on. Indeed, the Es'zpada he had reforged is balanced very well and is very sharp. When you grip it, you feel like controlling a small thunderstorm, sure to plant fear in the heart of every enemy you strike at. As no one else dared to speak up, i took the weapon in my keep for now. Durins mood became even better when he got some Urdarbeer and when we promised to make a quick end to the Dor'Shak and his Orga minions, as he seemed to have been attacked by Orga in the jungle recently and had dropped his beer in shock.


Falk hat gesagt…

strange screenshot.
Why does Mordor have a name label while all the others do not?
Great that we finally got the weapon....
Sadly that only one of us can use it to kill dor'shak...

ooc: is it like a normal "weapon" or is it just some kind of quest item that we needed to get...?
Maybe we should try to use the mirrors in the lab with the weapon equipped...

Glamdring hat gesagt…

Yes, it is nice we finally have the weapon. I tried one swing at a spider and it felt just like swinging a normal weapon, except for the described effects.
And remember that although just one person may be able to actually stab the Dor'Shak, many of us are needed to get to his lab, dispose of his minions and turn his attention from the wielder of the blade!
As for the mirrors: i don´t think the Es'zpada would have an effect on them, as in this case the Dor'Shak would need one himself to activate them.

ooc:At some times the client seems to refresh the playlist or something and then everyone has namelables again shortly. Also, if you hover the mouse over someone, his label will appear (so you can check name/health better).

Gravier hat gesagt…

ooc: you can rightclick on somebody, too