Mittwoch, 11. März 2009

Care for your friends

I had just left the meditower, when i was asked if i wanted to come to Eilean to hunt some horses. Knowing it for a tough challenge and deceived by Graviers claim that they had cleared the sea of fish trying to sink any boat i ventured north. Of course the sea was as dangerous as ever, but i rowed in a frenzy and arrived on dry land soon. On eilean we had a hard time killing one horse after the other, falling when another appeared and waiting for Frenzy to rescue everyone several times. After some time Knuff had to go and so we decided to change places too.
The small rest of the group decided to go to the Glacier. On the way there i used a small break of the rest to find out that Snowtigers are easy prey now and that i can´t hit Tundrawolves yet unless several others around it distract it from me hits. Once in the glacier i started luring bigger Myrm from their chambers to the waiting blades of the rest. While we managed to kill the nobles quite fast, royals took all our strength to bring them down. Once again Frenzy proved to be the live saver and with time we even found several sparkling diamonds.
Some rescues later it was time for the next drawing of Zifers lottery. Hanashi came as well, as she had been called to share infos about the most recent events with her. We told her of the note we had come by, as well as the think of Qush. Additionally some brave Arilonians seemed to have gotten a hand to more messengers going north at Leilah and we now possess several books written in a strange language. Hanashi examined the note and together with what she knew pieced together that indeed the Dor'Shak has been defeated and won´t be a threat for quite some time. Still, it might be possible that the others named in the note, seemingly also disciples of the evil Arindal, might want revenge or that now other enemies try to conquer our town and our Arindal.
The way it is now, the world is kept in balance and everyone may walk freely where he chooses to. Should one side manage to hold both Arindal though, they´d have the power to control everything. Therefore we must continue to do everything thats necessary to keep others away from our town. In the days that had passed Hanashi had also gathered some more news. She could tell us that known actions of Merown were directed against both sides and so for the moment we should assume he has not chosen a side. Also she could tell us that rumors of the other Arindal having been in the robber kytten hideout in the infested woods were just that: rumors. When Gravier asked her on which side Ugh and Irina stand, she could only give us good advice. The two of them are still free, to do as they please, but if we respect them and help them they may become powerful allies. We should just remember their needs before the enemy does and they turn against us. With the promise to contact the keeper of the books and then tell us what she may find out, Hanashi wished us good luck for the drawing and left.
What followed was the drawing of the lottery. The numbers 11, 14, 18 and 24 fell out of the magic machine, leaving me without any matching number. Even in the ticket roulette i ended up with no win.

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