Donnerstag, 26. März 2009

My Preciousss

After some time of meditation i woke up to learn that a storm had swept the lands. It turned out to have uncovered the previously hidden entrance to a cave northeast of the Urdarvillage in the Crocovalley. First glimpses have shown black Myrmustenen living in the deep. Their rough environment has made them evolve into tough opponents fighting fiercely against intruders. One proof for that is my quick scetch of one of their royals, who could propably rise to queenstatus in every other tribe.
Yesterday we went into the T'roolhives to kill every defender of their main chambers in the hope to find some of their valuable stones. While the group for Paghos and Rugumond was quite big, it disbanded afterwards. It took quite some asking from me until i found people who joined the trip to the Sharags, the only tribe i still needed a stone of. Finally Jazzmertize and Dresko came with me and thanks to a well planted wall of Kudzu we could begin fighting the T'rool as soon as we had entered our selfmade fort. It was a bloody battle and i have no idea where Dresko took the time to catch all the Sharags blood to sell it, but in the end we were rewarded. One of the redskinned creatures died and i saw a stone rolling out of its pocket. I jumped after it and i finally held the desired Sharag stone in my hand!
Immediately after we had cleared the chamber, i went to Glofur to fetch some money and travelled back south to the Paghorim tribe. As a token of my dislike for the other tribes i handed one of them a stone of each of them and in exchange for some more money and gold i finally received what i had long tried to get: a Paghorim necklace! While these T'rool are certainly not the finest smiths around and the necklace is rather crude, the charme of their jewelry lies in their regenerative aura for the wearer.
A little later my clanmates Dresko and Lafaborn and set out with me for a small hunt. We went to Bisons, where a cobra near the path we took nearly ended our hunt before it had begun. But we managed to hurt it severely before we fell and so Lafa could raise us. We took revenge and began killing our way through the plains. I took great pleasure in skinning the soft furs of bisons and wolves, although i had to sharpen my knife several times due to the many beasts we slayed. It didn´t take long until we found the leather we had come for and so we ventured on towards the Tundra. Hunting there was great as both of us fighters had the skill to hit the beasts there. I had so much fun that i forgot to sharpen my knife and when we killed a bear this proved desastrous. The fur gleamed like freshly fallen snow and was as soft as one could wish, the hair fine. I estimated it to be worth 90 coins, but when i set the cut, my dulled knife tore an ugly slash right through it and it was ruined. Still, we managed to bring down several tough opponents and only ended our hunt due to a call for help from Ardvell.
It turned out that some Ogopogos were guarding the waterways and had ambushed a group. Although i dislike the way there i agreed to help, eager to make the waterways as safe as possible and helping Leda to get to the portal. The gigantic amphibians were killed one after the other. With a group of decent size this isn´t much of a problem any more. I was most relieved that i could not only hit it with my oar without making the small boat oscillate too much, but also evade some of its blows by lying flat before its jaw swept over my boat. Qwert was so happy about his rescue that he turned into a frog chasing after some flies. I would never have thought an Urdar would make for a frog light enough to walk over the water.
After this we made our way north towards the portal. Some mammuth spiders tried to stop us but they were quickly brought down by the group. As it had become late, i then took the portal home and went meditating, happy to be finally wearing a necklace.


Gravier hat gesagt…

oh and i thought there wasnt anything going on that day :( i missed all the fun :<

Leda hat gesagt…

always check never just "believe" *g*

Dresko hat gesagt…

And good you made a sketch of the fur, i was a bit sceptical on your valuation as well.