Dienstag, 10. März 2009


For some time Dasumia is back in the lands. Some talks with her showed that even over all this time she longs for news of her beloved Man'tao and nurished her hate for Merown. Much more important for me was what she told me yesterday though. She had news about Leaticia! Oh, how i had longed for any hint what had happened to my love when the great storm swept over us. I had feared she might have been in the open or in our house, which had been completely borne away. Now, after all these years, Dasumia told me she had seen her shortly before the storm, wandering away to a safe place. Still, these news are bittersweet, although i know now that she is alive, her last wish was to be left alone to fulfil a task she didn´t even know and bid no one searching for her. As much as i hope she is well and respect her wish, i don´t know if i really can stand not searching for her, talking to her once more.
The next news are way more disturbing. Some Arilonians caught a guy in a red robe with 2 Zerk bodyguards passing through town. They managed to lay hand on a note the person was carrying and it read: Dor'Zain, I will rule this town soon, those people are weak. Please prepare the next steps. The zodiac is Himero. Ask Dor'Van about the gems, you will need the blue ones, not the red ones! And don't forget to feed my Zerk. Dor'Shak As there was no date on the note we began to fear that Dor'Shak was either still well or had recovered far faster than assumed. It also tells us the names of at least two more disciples of the dark Arindal or maybe helpers of the Dor'Shak. I guess we have to ask the mage guild when the time of the Himero-zodiac will come and ponder about what blue gems we know. Maybe he means sapphires or topaz?
Suddenly another Zerk appeared, then another robed figure and the second bodyguard. We quickly slew the Orga and then tried to capture the supposed messenger. He escaped us, but he must have means to communicate, as suddenly our thinking crystals sensed a message from Qush: "Take care. Don't transport the books and notes of lost master Dor'Shak through the town." This gives us yet another name and even more important the hint that the Dor'Shak may be defeated for the moment. Lets hope that the messengers don´t change their route, we should try to capture as many as possible and where it doesn´t work at least snatch away whatever they carry. Perhaps we could even manage to sneak after one, finding out what their destination in the east is.
Last, but not least, i am glad that we managed to accept Tofor into the clan, so that all the six founding members of the Fast Feet are now officially wearing our symbol.

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A 2nd hudded creature was caught! We got a pile of books from him. Precious books from DorShaks laboratory. We talked to Lider and he told us to ask Hanashi about these books!