Dienstag, 31. März 2009

Scales in the Dark

For the first time since the great storm i joined a group to the southern dragon caves. Although we took some shortcuts to get there, the way was quite exciting. Outside Salynos we fought a cobra and the dunes around the cave were bustling by half a dozen large sandworms. We killed all of them and i was a little disappointed noting that these immense creatures were not all worth a vanquish anymore.
We had just entered the cave, our eyes still not adjusted, when from all directions we could hear strange sounds rushing towards us. Many-colored scales glittered in the dark and furry shadows ran past. But we held our ground, trapping and killing beast after beast until the cave was in our hand.
We then set out to hunt in the dark den, often only warned by some scales reflecting some source of light before another dragon launched itself or a ball of fire at us. There were some close situations, but all in all we managed quite well. We even found a handful of emeralds, but sadly no rubys that we had set out for at first. We were lucky to meet mostly baby dragons though, the fire of adults proved devastating still, so we had to leave those alone.

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