Sonntag, 22. Februar 2009

What you train for

It´s been some time since my last entry, but not really much had happened in the meantime. The only hunt worth some lines was a hunt from Rapukiza to Eilean. It turned out to be pretty hard and i was pretty discouraged that i couldn´t even properly brick some kills. At some point we were overwhelmed while crossing a snell border and a desperate struggle for survival started. Some people had to depart, while other lucky ones like me got rescued in the end.

Yesterday Lafa was a bit bored (and suicidal), so he asked for a hunt towards the 4th circle tests. We set out with a small group and thanks to some paths arrived quickly near the Hidden Valley lake. Here we had to deal with some Tok'Han, but they were slain quickly.
So as Lafa had initiated the trip, he was the first to try. It´s really a shame that one can only see half of the healer tests area as a visitor. I caught two glimpses of a sweating Lafaborn pacing by, trying to outrun the Cobra at his heels. Sadly he was overwhelmed soon and so didn´t pass the test.
After this we went over to the fighter hall, where first Pit and then myself let ourselves be slaughtered. I did way better than expected, mostly owed to guessing right what the Leo would do and so avoidinng his first strike. I found i couldn´t brick the cobra, but already hit it. I even managed to get it to yellow and spare a strike for the Hyena as well. This little test showed me that the training i have in mind will surely lead to success one day.

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