Freitag, 6. Februar 2009

The Dreki Cave

Yesterday started with some challenging fights in collosseum. I wanted to see if the magnificent blade was sharp enough to cut through lots of Orga skin in short time and so i asked for a fight with 2 Orga Rages. After i won the fight i had to try 3 of course and to my own total amazement i made it! I just wanted to dance with joy when it hit me: i am getting too old! I can so easily predict what a Rage does that i had killed one of them! My mood only got better when i managed to vanquish a Cavern Cercops in the first try, while other fighters had a hard time with the angry brother of it afterwards.

After this, it was up and about to the next hunt. Tarra had organized a Ravyntour, but due to the huge interest (5 of the Fast Feet were present too), we just passed Ravyn and went into the Dreki caves. They are inhabited by red dragons with golden wings. While some of them can throw fire, others trust in the sharpness of their claws and teeth to get rid of intruders.
We managed pretty well, until we met the first big Dreki. These adults are truly a stunning view, their whole bodies covered by glittering scales, their eyes glowing like furnaces. And their breath - the flames coming out of their glands is burning away everything, only the fine quality of our armour saved us from turning to ash in an instant. It was a tough and hot battle, but in the end we managed to kill it.
Although Tarra had promised Caipis for refreshment, those who like alcohol were not disappointed, when we discovered several glasses of other cocktails in the caves. Somehow the Drekis had managed to slide past them and left them intact. But even Nyv, our mage, had no idea who could have placed them into the dark. At last we found another opening, leading back to the south of Ravyn. We fought our way back to the Wasteland, where the nice hunt ended.

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