Samstag, 7. Februar 2009

Shiny Daggers

Yesterday i had once more called for brave Arilonians to explore the dark depths of the Mynna Crypt. We can´t say for sure if the Dor'Shak got news from this or not, but the force of Orgas invading town shortly before our start didn´t delay us much. Soon we arrived in Mynna with a sizable force. I quickly went through the routine rules and we went in. My plan was to get the skelettons from the first level and then to go after the next dagger. The very first chamber then proved nearly desastrous. We recovered the skeleton easy enough, but someone must have shifted the lid of one of the tombs, so that numerous mummies could squeeze out. At one time only Sharelock was left standing and the situation looked nearly hopeless. But bit by bit we recovered until we finally made it out of the room.
This event had cost us far more time than i had thought of for the first floor, so we went right down to the next and challenged the big blue skeletton fighting with an ancient dagger that we sought to wrestle from him. It took some time to smash enough of his bones to bring him down, but we managed well enough.
From the third deep, one could clearly see signs of nature claiming back its realm, water was leaking in the grave chambers, moss was think on the stones. From this level the group began to work together better and better. We went to a new chamber, clearing it from monsters while trying not to touch anything or walk over something looking suspiciusly different from the rest of the floor. Then one person would touch the pile of gold to summon the undead guardian. The healers would rod it until we cleared the other enemies and then we´d bring down the skeletton. It was a pleasure to lead the group in this stage. The look of the tombs, that we had to search for passwords to the next level, had changed too. Maybe Elithren had been buried here, the tombs had been carved right out of treestumps, the roots still intact.
Slowly, but steadily we made our way deeper in the crypt, until finally we came to a huge grave with a sculpture on top. We rummaged through it, when a big red skeletton appeared. Luckily it looked more scary than it was and so we quickly found the last password in the tomb.
This made free the way to the very last chamber, that we reached with some difficulties, as some mage spirits wanted to stop us after all our way. But eventually we prevailed and encouraged by little Jades comment also managed to get the fifth and last dagger!
The way back to the surface was a little more chaotic as some people ran off, fell and no one really knew who was in front or behind, but in the end everyone still present at the time reached fresh air again safely. We displayed all the slightly differently crafted daggers to the Maqua, who then gave us a barrel of oil. To me it looks more like a big bucket, but i hope it will suffice. Now we have to wait for Lider to appear and make a date with the Elders to learn how to forge the weapon we long for.
Thanks again to the group!

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