Montag, 23. Februar 2009

News from Lider

Yesterday a storm swept the lands. It is said it brought access to another new area, but most important for me was that the builder of our clanhouse had arrived right after the storm. He was still sorting some of his tools and measuring the building site, when i started unloading building material. After all this time carrying the heavy stuff my back seemed to sigh relieved when i was finished unloading.

The bards used the fresh air after the storm to hold an audition, in which young musicians may perform in front of a jury of bards and if they prove worthy of their standards may be accepted as members of the bard guild. Only 2 brave auditioners showed up, Puppy and Arlon. Both played 3 self-written songs, although a duet written by Arlon had to be repeated several times because of some trouble with his partner. When the jury finally came back on stage to tell their decision the crowd was eagerly waiting. Both auditioners were praised for their advancement since the last audition, but both seemed to lack the last bit of creativity and therefore were declined bardship this time and offered to come to the next audition.

People were just gathering in town to discuss an area to hunt, when Lider appeared. He had talked to the Elders in the meantime and brought some news. First we will need a skilled smith, but the only one coming to our mind was Durin Stonemaster, who crafts his own tools. Lider promised to tell the Elders to contact him for asking if he could do this and if so, how the forging has to be done. He also told us that the Elders had managed to get a spy in the Dor'Shaks company. His informations are not very comforting, the Dor'Shak is reported to arrive soon via ship and has established an alchemy laboratory.
The only good news is that we might find the Dor'Shak in this laboratory once we have our weapon forged. More troubling news came from Newt. Lasifa had told him from a meeting with Hanashi, the story teller, where she had said that the Dor'Shak was commanding an evil version of our Arindal and that the balance of the world was lying at the state of the 2 magical artefacts. Hopefully Hanashi will pass through our town soon and the Elders find a way to contact Durin, so this threat can be dealt with as soon as possible.

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