Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009

The Town´s Underground

Yesterday Tarra led an exploration into the Arilon underground. First we made our way through the slightly smelly tunnels of the sewers. Hundreds of rats as well as several other slimy creatures tried to stop us in our way and get a festive meal, but our weapons let us keep the upper hand. While the rest of the group went on i climbed a small ladder to see if Irina was still held captive in the cell we had seen her last. She was indeed still there, looking very miserable. Unfortunately she only spoke in the magic language, so i didn´t understand her words.
After that we entered the Blooddungeon. The butchers and occasional Haemons were hardest to dodge and i did not always manage to evade their blows, but mostly it went much smoother than i had hoped for. We made our way through several parts of the dungeon and everything in these depths seemed to have been unaltered by the great storm that swept our lands 4 years ago. That means we can still free irina, but a major effort would have to be done if we want to strengthen and free Irina even before we encounter the Dor'Shak.

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