Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

Waking up

After my last adventures in the Ravynplains i fell into a deep slumber in meditower, mentally recalling all my fights and trying to learn from my mistakes. When i woke up yesterday most of my dreams faded away, but some mistakes in my fighting style stood clear in my mind and after a bit of training i could indeed fight slightly better. When i talked to some of my trainers i was surprised: the fighters guild had finally admitted my training process to have advanced far enough to call me Ferrumo again.
Immediately after i heard this, i got some coins from the bank and journeyed to Dinken in the Wasteland, to buy a hatchet to celebrate the day. It still feels a little strange in my hands after swinging my handaxe for so long, but the craftmanship of the Dinken smiths has not lessened since i last held such a magnificent blade.Another unsuccessful smoking out of the Shar'Kins main chamber later, i returned wearily to town, where we were greeted by some Piratepriests and dozens of Orgas. I helped clearing part of the first waves, but i was nearly too tired to even lift my hatchet any more, so i had to retire soon. But i am sure the brave Arilonians present could drive the Orga back and secure Arilon once more.Still, as soon as i feel a bit persistent again, i will try to lead more explorations into the Mynna Crypt, so that we can forge our weapon as soon as possible.

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