Montag, 16. Februar 2009

Lider comes back to Town

Yesterday we met Lider once more. I don´t know if he has hidden in his room in Rôt Fiis Inn or if he came back from a longer journey, but we were happy to see him. Lider is the Lepori who arranged a meeting with the Elder Waltraud after we had found the scroll with the weapon recipe. This time he didn´t have a portal stone, but at least we could tell him that we had gathered every item listed on the scroll and he promised to send the Elders a message to contact us as soon as possible.
I don´t know if the Dor'Shak just felt that there´s a danger for him or if he has spies in town or if he just felt it was time to get on our nerves again, but just a little bit later he sent a group of his Orga minions to town. Under the cover of several piratepriests they besieged us in Reizis tree and quickly erected two statues and a hut in town center. Leda immediately proposed to capture some of their builders to finish our residential area and the clanhouses for us just as swiftly, but we knew no mercy and killed every last one of the intruders.
I begin to wonder what power the Dor'Shak really has over Pirates or Orgas, but for the pirests there seem to be only the weak or dumb fighting for him, not one of the clever highranked Pirates or sly big Orgas is helping him. Anyway, i am looking forward to make an end to his claim to the beach, the jungle and Arilon and show our enemies once more that we are not so easily overcome.

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