Montag, 1. Juni 2009

No LDV - but still a nice hunt

In the last days i wasn´t travelling around that much, most noteworthy was a Wendiehunt. We did quite well and managed to kill the wendies quickly, only forgetting in our frenzy that the forceful strikes crashed the skulls of our opponents. Even Night- and a Morningwendecka were no obstacle for us and so we made it all the way to the narrow valley in the north blocked by rubble, where a moment of unawareness together with a Bloodback made an end to our hunt.I had also heard of the Cursed Marsh, a swamp in the south where it was all too easy to get lost, but which was said to be home to Kajmanos. To not get lost i decided to visit just the entrance to this area, but i didn´t even get as far as that. The so-called swamp is covered by more than kneedeep water! It seems i have to either purchase the Kajmanoskins i need or travel by boat to the Ardvell swamp, which is at least a little drier.
After my previous two crystals that i have really liked have unfortunately crumbled lately, i have decided it was time to combine some of those i still had in a more offensive way and so asked mages to mount several crystals that enhance my force of swings. I´m pretty happy with the result as these cougars had to find out.
Yesterday i had planned the first "LDV - Large Death Voyage", an open hunt that my clan Fast Feet plans to hold regularly from now on. Sadly just 7 Arilonians were present and so the plan to hunt through the Orga Woods was a bit overambitious. Instead we decided on a tour through the normal Orga Camp. We started with Camp 2, where i found that bricking Trotzkis is well within my abilities now. On we went into the underground cavern to challenge the Orga Chief. It took two tries, but eventually the big Orga crashed to the floor and didn´t move anymore, while we happily devided the coins from his treasure.
Back in Camp 2 we finally met several furies but had to experience that fighting more than two at once was too hard. But regrouping and advancing a little slower then made quick work of the furies.
After the Camp was cleared again we headed for Camp 3 with a short sidestep to the Grendels. Camp 3 and the northern passage were rather uneventful, not even a handful furies and only a single LDV were waiting for us. At the ladder we then met Leda and together entered to visit the Wyrms. Thanks to Ledas mental enhancements we had no bigger problems with two Wyrms at a time, but often we found ourselves in the middle of another spawn as we weren´t fast enough with killing. Nevertheless, these situations were not only challenging, but also great fun, at least to me.
In the end many wanted to try to reach the far end of the cave and investigate the entrance to the den there that had always been blocked in the past. I was still very sceptical that we could reach it, but with some determined trying to kill as fast as possible and some luck with rather empty western snells we finally made it. The dense carpet of poisonous mushrooms in front of the destination made some trouble and 2 of our 3 healers fell to them. Falk and Lafa tried several tactics to reach them, but none worked. In the end we managed to get everyone back on their feet though and headed back home, as it had become late. The controlled hunt became a flight when we ran into half a dozen Wyrms who followed us all the way to the entrance of the cave, but in the end we survived even this dangerous situation and so arrived exhausted, but happy back in town, although the planned LDV had to be cancelled.


Falk hat gesagt…

it was really great fun!
Thanks for the idea of the LDV's!
I am looking forward to the next one - even if it is not leading to the orga woods ;)

Glamdring hat gesagt…

The next one will be the first one and very likely be another try to start with Orga Woods.
Yesterday was great fun, but no LDV-hunt, i would have led actively and stricter otherwise ;)