Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009


Once more a group of Arilonians sat in town, some discussing what to do, others napping peacefully. Suddenly a brown bug appeared walking on its hind legs, its wings on the back buzzing frantically, but unable to lift the massive body, and the forelegs raised for attack. At first just a few of the Blymoids appeared and we quickly slew them.
But with passing time stronger Blymoids appeared, like the red shimmering ones or the ones looking like innocent walrusses. These made for tough fights in town and we had a hard time to bring them down.
I hadn´t heard or seen anything from them since we had defeated Snarl, so i was pretty much suprised by their attack, especially considering that Snu should be grateful for our help. But maybe with their newly won strength the Blymoids now want to take revenge for their losses taken in that struggle. I wouldn´t be surprised to find that they have dug entrances from their hives to the surface again.

Later i was invited to join an expedition to Marranyin, the newly discovered area east of Ravyn. Before i knew what i´d have to face i had agreed and so i suddenly found myself not walking towards the path, but to another way into the area, which involves not only a long trip with the boat, but also running through a dark cave which houses the Grendel-like Thyonen, which are as dark and being pursued by them try not to fall into the water but jump in one of the boats! Luckily the river we had to row along lay still and was too muddy for any hostile fish to live in.
We then fought our way back north along the river, where mostly kojotes were to be found and we managed to collect several of their furs.
We then turned east, into the desert, where we met quite a lot of the adult Raste-Winder, who were a big challenge to us, as well as several cobras. These reptiles seem to feel completely at home in this hot, sandy environment on which not even Kudzu will grow.
Suddenly we saw some palm trees ahead and when we got closer we could make out a small lake and some houses. We made a small break in this village, it is called Weyiny, to investigate the houses and took the opportunity to drink to compensate for the fluid loss in the outside. Several rooms held bookshelves, but most of the books were too fragile to handle. One of their inhabitants may be worth another visit though, he is selling spiked shields.
Next we began a systematic walk over the spiderplateaus in the northeast of the region. Crash ran with his map from landmark to landmark while i took the opportunity to study the surroundings for possible paths. We did find a safe with someone offering coins for slaying lots of the spiders in a short time and a lower lying area with a pyramid inside, but we couldn´t make out any way down. A monolith in the plains made me wonder about their purpuse though, maybe one of our mages will find a way to transport people through them.
We were already heading back, when suddenly i accidently brushed one of the sand-towers and a group of angry termites stormed out to defend it. While the small ones were killed quickly, the mediumsized bugs seemed to have a very thick chitinarmour that we could pierce only after lots of tries. Soon after we found a gaping hole in the ground and as it turned out, this was the entrance to an old mine that the termites have taken over.
It had become late and so we didn´t go deep in, but headed back to the river. Several kojotes seemed to take us for a worthwhile meal, but in the end we managed to bring them down and continue on our way. Minowia and me headed back to Arilon by then, while Newt, leda and Falk were already waiting for the rest of the group to go back. I´m curious about the discoveries they can tell me when i meet them next.

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Falk hat gesagt…

well we went down to the Termites where we found a huge maze and several paths that didn't make the maze any clearer for us...

While Terra chose the quick way home to the Arindal after being unhealable due to a huge king termite bite.

We continued first until we reached a boss-chamber-like room with at least two big tick (Zecke) like looking things which onehitted Tarra from completely white to unhealable (for Newt) black. So we ran out and chained him to the Portal that Leda opened to get us back...
And of course - Reizende did heal Tarra there...