Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

Into the Urdar Mines

Yesterday i came out of meditower to find the world covered with a thin layer of fog. At least, to my eyes it seemed to be, others told me it was a fine day, so i guess it only was some sleep still clinging to my eyes. I wandered around a little, until i was asked to join a group going into the Urdar mines. At first i hesitated, wondering if i´d be of any use with seeing things through a thin veil, but some exercises with my hatchet showed me that at least my muscles worked properly and so i went after them. The first snell was quickly cleared and in the second we met not only bats and spiders, but also Urdar ghosts.
It was surprisingly hard to hit them where they would feel it and only Dresko seemed to have gotten these lessons from Battuo yet. Still, with some patience we managed to bring them down. At the next crossing we turned north and landed in a dead end, but had the chance to see a marvellously carved statue of a dragon in a paved spot.
Sadly we could linger much longer as the spiders were reproducing quickly and more and more ghosts came toward us, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. The next way to the north was blocked too. We could the the remnants of a stone wall, but boulders had crashed down from the ceiling and stopped us even before.
Just around the corner we suddenly faced a dozen urdars and ghostspiders. We managed to bring down several of them, but our healers slowly failed to heal our wounds as fast as we got hurt and more and more urdar mages showed up, hurling their lightening on us.
Our lines wavered and we had to watch our back too. I managed to cut the legs of two of the ghostspiders and gather them intact, but there was no time to examine them further as we were pressed back.
We tried to run to a safe, but one by one we fell, some bitten, some hit and especially he fighters powerless against lightening stikes coming from all directions. Only Newt managed to reach the safe and for once the steep ground that caused the bodies of Crash and Lafa to slide down to it seemed to be helpful. But in the end even Newt fell to the creatures waiting for him just outside the safe and so we were finally defeated.
Back in town i immediately talked to Battuo, asking him to teach me more, so that i soon may be able to find the weak spots even of ghosts.

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Dresko hat gesagt…

Thanks for you summary Glamdring.
This was a great fun.
Yes the mages are hard to hit but
we have seen in the past that a good mage boost can make a difference here. So maybe we can try it again. With some mage support it could be possible.