Samstag, 13. Juni 2009


Not much has happened the last days. One day i woke up when a call for help in Boanyoo reached me. Due to my skills in finding paths that shorten the way significantly i soon arrived at the entrance to the area, where Sophos and a pretty sick-looking Rion were waiting for me. We had just climbed outside when a bunch of poisonous lizards came running towards us, trying to find victim to intoxicate. We were able to fend them off and even an Earthwyrm didn´t stop us on our way to the fallens.
The rescue then turned into a nice small hunt through Boanyoo, although a good many of the lizards were about, making you watch every step and always trying to keep yourself between the purple creatures and the healers. In the south we had some challenging moments when we met two Snigils and a sandworm at once or when a large group of Jawas tried to lay a hand to our purses. It was fun, but somehow i felt the challenge missing that had made the area even more interesting before.
Later that day we tried to hunt in Ardvell, but sadly there were always people sleeping or having to leave, so that Leda ported some of us in vain to Ardvell and back again. I decided it was time to prove myself again and so i started trying myself on several challenges offered throughout the lands in the last days. While some, like the wildcat challenge required a bit of preparation, others were managed quite easy. With the help of Lafaborn i was able to hunt enough Derain snakes, Barwidgee wolves and rats in time to complete the challenge on the very first try, i´m really grateful for the help of my clanmate here. Others, like the foxchallenge seem to require more preparation than i had thought on the first try, but i´m confident that i will be able to complete this and other challenges pretty soon.
Other than that i´ve begun to use my short muscle-stretchings outside of meditower for quick searches of ore. Recently Bertus has shown that he is really working and not only pretending to and as i´d like to have my own house one day i´m now providing some more building materials for him than i have in the past.
I´ve also made a proclamation for another try of the LDV-hunt, i´m really curious if enough people turn up this time to do what i intend to try.

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