Donnerstag, 23. April 2009

Do horseshoes improve your luck?

Some days ago a big group of bored Arilonians sat in town and couldn´t decide where to hunt. We had just started moving towards the savanna dragon cave, when we had to turn, as not everyone favoured the area and the group would have been too small. So we finally decided to visit Dinken and then Ravyn.
This proved to be a good idea. On the way through the wasteland hyena parts were flying to the right and left on our path, nothing could stand to Dreskos and Graviers Oakbashers and my Hatchet. A short visit at Hannes later, we entered the lower plains of Ravyn. We started of quite well, although the first cobra brought a surprise: it opened its mouth and bit one of us! All previously encountered specimen had passively watched intruders into their territory. In the end they didn´t prove to be much of a threat, especially as they didn´t evade blows as easily when trying to bite someone.
We then started a tour all through Ravyn, first leading north. At the wagon with the merchant offering golden horseshoes we had a critical situation, but thanks to the chainers survived. We fought lots of horses and bisons and managed not only to skin several valuable furs, but also found two intact horseshoes. Finally we arrived at the eastern river, but the only bridge is barred by someone demanding 22 more golden horseshoes to let us pass.
In the south more and more giant bisons crossed our path, but they were not much of a challenge to our group. Only stallions or a bigger number of mares presented real trouble to us, but we always prevailed until we decided to slowly head back home.
We had just come back to the western cliff with the wastelands towering above us, when our group was overrun by half a dozen stallions. I fell pretty fast standing in the first rank, but most of the others made it back east. I only heard distant noises, but after quite some time Tarra, the last standing healer, fell too. So we had to depart, but it had been a fine hunt.
As a conclusion i can only state that one horseshoe may improve your luck, but several dozen still attached to stallions feet certainly do not.


Mr Lee hat gesagt…

Enjoy your blog.So kind.Good luck!
We hope that we will have the opportunity to make friends with you.
We invite you to come to our blog. You are welcome any time.

bartimaus hat gesagt…

Fine Story and fine Hunt. The End was indeed a bit unlucky. We need Kudzutrainers, so that the Kudzu grows faster and we can create own forms like Lines or circles.

aa grins

see you in arilon

Gravier hat gesagt…

actually dresko uses a hatchet too. and for me, i am using the mighty mace of critter decapitation!

Dresko hat gesagt…

Actually i usually use the oakbasher (e.g. in wastelands), except for some hard areas (like Ravyn) where i need to keep my balance up or need all my battuo skills.