Montag, 20. April 2009

Investigations and a missed chance

The past two days i´ve travelled to lots of hunting grounds again, sometimes just for the fun of testing my strength, sometimes to hunt alone, sometimes with a group. The first destination was the Tundra, where we hoped that one of the previous storms had blown a hole to the impassable northern rock and wood formation. Right at the cliff from the Bisonplains we had to face the first snow tigers and quickly slew them. I had just started complaining about how sparsely populated the cold region is, when we ran into two packs of several Tundra wolves. The group did a great job bringing these down.
I even managed to recover several of their furs, one worth 21 coins. But as it is, when you become too bold and boast about having a hand for furs: i ruined the next few furs, harvesting several taunting comments from the rest of the group. Still, the wolves and some bears proved to be worthy opponents and it was fun to fight them. Once an ice maha threatened to overwhelm us, but thanks to the mages and their boosts i was able to fell it at last.
After we couldn´t find a change in the landscape anywhere in the north or west of the Tundra we decided to quickly visit the Glaciomyrms queen chamber and look for diamonds. We had bad luck, though, only one royal myrm was present, surrounded by dozens of lesser myrms, so that we went home after a quick sidestep to the snow vermine chamber.
The rest of the day passed rather uneventful, but the next day Leda invited to a small trip to Boanyoo, where she wanted to investigate several spots. Our small group of 4 people headed there and did pretty well until we got to the graveyard. In the little chaos of retreat after Rions and my skin were rotting due to having touched foul zombies, Tarra got bitten by poisonous lizards, which was the beginning of our luck fading. We next went north to the huts sheltered in the small forest and even more lizards were laying in ambush for our healer and mage. Eventually we came near the northern village and its safe fence, but several bandits and a moment of unawareness suddenly led to me being the only survivor of our group. It took some time until my wounds closed, but then i made a run back to the middle entrance where i met with the rescue team. Via Derain and the northern entrance we managed to advance until we reached the fallens and could rescue them. Leda looked a bit disappointed on the way back, so i assume she didn´t find anything useful in the village or at the other spots.
A while later i was hunting some horses in Niamph when suddenly i found i couldn´t lift my left arm any more. My shieldhand dangled at my side and while i was still wondering what was causing the stiffness, i felt a hoof colliding with my back only a moment before another one hit my chest. The air rushed out of my lungs and all went black. I woke a bit later lying helpless on the ground and had to wait for help. The rescue team had a hard time getting through all the spiders to me, as they had no pathfinder among them. On the way back i could show them the shortcut through the spiders, only to see them land in the middle of a huge amount of mammuth spiders. I´m really sorry for all the trouble i have caused and thankful to the rescuegroup who eventually managed to bring me back to town.
A more pleasant surprise for me was the realisation that i finally learned to be swift enough to avoid a Nightwendeckas strikes. Too bad that in my joy i forgot to care for their precious skins.
After a small sleep i awoke again, only to find that Splashs newest event "Knock the Splash" had already started. Unfortunately i had forgotten about it and so wasn´t one of the candidates who got the chance to compete with him. I only arrived for the final celebration of Penthka, who could not only beat Falk in the first stage but also Splash in the real event, congratulations! I hope the next event of this series will be soon to give me the chance to participate as well.

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