Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

The Thieves Fortress

After some days of mostly meditating and some tries of different challenges i decided it was time again to hunt properly. Yesterday Tarra had invited everyone to join a hunt through the Ardvell forest to change spidereggs for brooms in the thieves village there and so i joined in. We had just started when we met several Ashursos. Luckily we had to face at most two at a time and so we managed to bring down these bears after tough struggles.
On the way to the village we had to carve our way through seemingly endless hordes of Lupos and Boars with sharp tusks. Sadly in the tries to bring them down we often striked towards their head and in the end just one of them went down with intact tusks that Malachym could recover. When we arrived at the village my battlemood rose to new heights, as several barking watchdogs came running for us, accompanied by some Chocolateursos and thieves. Slowly we got the upper hand and managed to enter the village.
After a short look around and finding a hut on the western end to be safe in case of emergency we gathered to storm the fortress. My nose smelled even more dogs when i came closer to the door and indeed the thieves seem to keep the main force of them inside this structure. We had to retreat several times to heal gasping wounds. Still, our group was big and disciplined enough to defeat one foe after the other until the ground floor was in our hand. We climbed a ladder in one of the towers and tried to storm the next floor, but several Ladrons came running, capes flying behind, knives in hand and so we had to retreat to scatter them and gain control again. To avoid dying so close to our target we decided to lure Ladrons from the roof, which went quite smooth until we decided to climb up as the region around the ladder looked empty. Well, of course the Ladrons were just standing in the corners and so we had to retreat and were nearly killed by the following thieves. Luckily some healers managed to avoid their knives and could heal me, so i could distract them long enough for the others to be raised and the room being secured again. Frenzymac looked a bit pale, as he had glimpsed his greatest fear on the roof: a black-clad Ladron! To my surprise when facing him alone we had quite few problems bringing him down, encouraged by Frenzys cheers.
After this fight we took over the roof as well and visited Fasiná, a handsome Kyttyn, who handed out selfmade brooms in return for some red spidereggs. Back on the roof we fought another black Ladron, this one wearing even a black cape and no red as the first one had. But the belief in our strength had grown too much for him to stand a chance against our combined weapons and so we quickly gathered again in the middle of the village. As several people wanted to leave soon it was decided to head back via a path. On the other side we soon found out that it had been a good idea to take the long way to the village and not take the path: we were immediately surrounded by several dozen wolves, some thieves and several grey Ursos! Luckily about half the group made it to the northern border, where the trees grow more narrow and made a stand there until the opening was secure enough to go back and help the others. After this last challenge i headed back to the meditower, satisfied after a nice hunt and with a broom for the enhanced cuirass in my bag.


Gravier hat gesagt…

very nice work! now all you need is some skin :)

bartimaus hat gesagt…

nice report about this adventure as usual. thanks for that.
just wanted to say that i frequently read your narrations about your adventures. so keep on writing.

see you in Arilon :)

Leda hat gesagt…

I am bäääääck ... so take me with you next time you go ;-)!