Samstag, 18. April 2009

The best cure for meditation stiffness

After quite some time of meditation i woke up yesterday, eager for adventures, but stiff from the long time i had not moved. Of course the most effective treatment for this is a hunt, although the beginning feels not easy. And so i ran to the Orga Camp to catch up with a group who wanted to pay the Orga Chief a visit. I saw them soon and we ventured into the depths of the cave. In the beginning the fight seemed to go well, but badly wounded the Orga summoned the last of his strength and killed all the fighters. I had ducked too late and so could not be raised again by the healers. The rest of the fight i had to watch lying around, but the others were generous enough to bring me my part of the Orgas treasure after its death. A prayer and some quickly collected, sacrificed mushrooms from Rion then propitiated the gods who send us some healing potions that helped raising Achima and me.
A sudden urge made me run back to town, but in the passage i encountered two large death vermines. While i could lose one, the other followed me south to the ford and once again i was too inflexible yet to avoid it. I felt a sharp pain and fell into a coma, from which i only awakened in Reizendes tree some time later.
After this Leda invited me to enjoy a test of her newest achievement: the ability to open a portal to Ardvell! We went hunting some red spiders, but due to the small group didn´t make that much progress and were in constant danger of being hurt too much to be healed, which eventually was Penthkas fate and the end to our hunt.
Seeing Penthka reminded me again that the last time i had seen her she had still looked for a drop of Chabyllusblood and therefore i visit Sunken again. I hadn´t been down there for quite long and as it seemed no one else either, as way more creatures than normal greeted me. I also encountered lots of Chabys and Kraskajos and enjoyed this change to the more frequently visited hunting grounds. As a result, Penthka can now organise her big shopping tour.
Next i ventured south and tried to collect some horsefurs, but soon dark clouds approached the sky. I had just started running back to town to seek shelter, when i felt the first drops coming down. I was so shocked by them i stopped dead in my track and nearly let myself be trapped by a horde of Niamph spiders, but i could escape and finally arrived in town, a little wet, but i am sure worse was to come. I had indeed just found a comfortable position to meditate, thunder crashed and rain came pouring down.
When i sensed the weather calming down i emerged from the tower again. The rain had caused lots of strange plants to grow in town, among them Treangi bloodbushes, wake-me-ups and strange starflowers. Suddenly i heard the heavy steps of something big and in the next instant i faced a bloodoak towering over me, trying to grab and crush me! With Penthkas help i managed to make firewood of it, but somehow this storm seemed to have made lots of creatures seeking out Arilon and so we had to fight through dozens of Myrms, bats, frogs and others until we could nearly not move any more 1w, because the blood had made a mudpool of the earth and the Myrms chitinskins made sharp-edged traps threatening to slice through bare feet.
The evening then brought back a feel of the time before the great storm. A big group went to hunt Ardvell spiders, with Aridor going first, falling and so causing more and more mammuth spiders to venture into the portal cave. I managed to trap the first two with kudzu, but just when i ran out of these useful plants, some more came into the cave. First we tried luring and picking one off to kill, but with me luring the others were short a fighter and this failed. Finally i could convince the spiders to follow me outside and push Aridor inside, so that the spiders lost interest in the corner with the cave and we could heal up and get coordinated.
After that we hunted for quite some time in the area between the portal cave and the big Inn to the south, with several people being ported back and forth to leave of join us. I had a great time, learning a lot and getting more than enough practise in the luring of spiders. I´m sure now that Leda can safely open the portal we will visit the area more frequently.
As an end to the hunt we had to take the boats, as Falk had fallen in Kajmanos. Leda's magic shield saved me from drowning when we were surprised by two Sekats and so it was not as bad as it could have been. In the swamp we quickly found Falks corpse, slaying the Anaconda, that had been his fate on our way. I arrived back in town exhausted, but happy and with the thought not to meditate as long as last time.


Leda hat gesagt…

Klasse Berichte Glam!!

nur nen kleiner Hinweis .. verkleiner doch bitte die Bilder .. sprich einfach in ein JPG mit Qualität 80% oder so umwandeln ... dann dürfte die seite 10-12 mal soschnell laden wie jetzt und sie deutlich angenehmer machen.


bartimaus hat gesagt…

also bei mir gehts ruck zuck, hihi

und die ardvell hunt war nett :)
danke für den bericht

see you in arilon

Rion hat gesagt…

Hiho ... bester Reporter Arilons ist und bleibt Glam!

Generell Bilder sollten egal ob *.png, *.gif, *.jpg ca. 60 Kilobytes für eine Internetseite betragen ;-) auch wenn Bart DSL16000 hat ... gibt es in Deutschland ca. 50% I-Netuser die mit ISDN oder DSL/light unterwegs sind. Mit z.B. IrfanView bekommt man dies auch in einer optimalen Qualität hin ! Lange Ladezeiten verschrecken oft Besucher der Seiten !

Dies sollte nicht als Kritik gewertet werden :-) ich les die Seiten sehr gern, nur ein kleiner Hinweis halt.

LG Rion

Glamdring hat gesagt…

Ich werd mir das mit den Bildern mal überlegen, aber meistens habe ich schon so lange an dem Bericht geschrieben, dass ich froh bin, wenn ich ihn so schnell wie möglich online stellen kann und was anderes machen kann, da will ich meist nicht nochmal an den Bildern rumfummeln. Habe die eigentlich nie als groß empfunden, aber danke für den Hinweis.

@Rion: Danke, aber ich würde den "Titel" auch gerne abgeben, denn das würde bedeuten, es gäbe noch mindestens einen weiteren!

Rion hat gesagt…

hehe ... ich kenn das ;-) mir fehlt leider auch zu oft die Zeit ... schreiben und Bilder bearbeiten :-S deshalb schaff ich es höchstens 1x monatlich mal eine Seite zu bringen ... Sorry, aber der "Titel" bleibt Dir sicher noch eine ganze Weile erhalten ...

Grüße Rion

bartimaus hat gesagt…

Ich hab auch schon überlegt Berichte zu schreiben, aber solange ich noch in den Abivorbereitungen stecke wird das nichts :)
Ich hoffe mal das iolaus seine arilonseite mal wieder fit macht, dann kommen bestimmt wieder nen paar Beiträge.

see you in arilon

Leda hat gesagt…

@barti und @glam
also nach dem ersten laden solange die bilder noch im CACHE sind geht es auch super schnell. Dann sind die bilder ja auch auf der platte und müssen nicht gesogen werden ^^

aber löscht mal den cache und kommt neu auf die seite .. dauert auch bei einem T3 anschluss recht lange ... liegt daran das der blog-server langsam ist.
zuhause bei DSL/light dauert das dann ewig.

zB jetzt jedes bild 160k .. 14 bilder in den letzten 5 berichten = ~2MB bei normaler server last 200kb/sec (so schnell ist kein ISDN und DSL auch nur selten je nach server last) dauert das dann 10 sekunden bis seite geladen ... in heutigen seiten gefühlte ewigkeiten.

wenn die bilder nur 15-20kb wären ist die seite dann in 1sec-2sec geladen. das merkt der user kaum.

... trotz alle dem, die seite ist super ;-)

Leda hat gesagt…

sehe gerade viele bilder sind sogar 300KB oder fast 400KB ... noch mehr als vermutet .. ;-) also erhöht die werte da oben in meinem post mal ^^