Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009

Trying to chain

After some time of meditation i wakened again with the urge to go hunting. To stretch my muscles and get warmed up i hunted in Niamph, waiting for a decision of a hunting place for later. I was greeted by dozens of wild horses near the entrance, giving myself the chance to practise luring, fighting and skinning skills all at once. After a time a destination for the bigger hunt was chosen and i headed home to meet the group.
Much to my joy we travelled to Aroona, a place we had departed from more often than not, which promised a nice challenge. We entered from the east and quickly faced the first Tigris. I was pleased to notice that i could even evade the giant cats when concentrating on it.
We reached the northern wall quickly and from there hunted to the west. The group stayed well together and had no trouble dealing with the felines we encountered. Their furs are really soft and sometimes showing special patterns of stripes making them very valuable. I was really happy when i managed to cut lose one of a grey giant Tigris, worth 38 coins!
Only a bit further to the west we were then awaited by a pack of four huge tigris who quickly decimated our group. Suddenly only Tarra, Lafaborn and me were alive and we slowly retreated. But the creatures followed us and suddenly were helped by new tigris in the other snells. Tarra fell and Lafa and me ran for our lives. We glimpsed some boats and i chose the nutshell over certain death. We gathered ourselves and searched our bags for a map to decide what to do next, as neither of us is a skilled chainer and therefore had no chain with us. But we discovered that our group had met its fate close to the teaseller safe and that was easily reachable via boat. A quick scouting showed the fallens being too far away for being pushed to the safe though. Luckily Yerbo was so happy about the prospect of having more guests who might enjoy his teas that he lend me his old chain. Only once before had i tried this strange skill of running past a fallen comrade, linking the chain to his belt and then dragging him along, but i succeeded to get Falk to the safe. Despite him being a well-trained chainer i couldn´t resist and set out again to search for Tofor, the next healer. But in my excitement i had forgotten that the chain was old and i am no expert and so a too sharp tug at Tofors body and the chain shattered! But Falk could gather the rest and with the help of Terra Bul who had arrived in the meantime, cheating her Elithren roots and finding us without getting lost, the group was safed. I tried to offer Yerbo compensation for his chain, but he said he was happy enough with many guests enjoying his tea.
We set out again, following the traces of the giant tigris who had caused all the trouble. The group was well prepared this time, but it hadn´t counted on all the panthers bustling about the bigger cats legs. These agile little creatures quickly decimated our healers and then the fighters. Again Falk managed to chain a lot of us, but despite our remarks about the boats in the snell Tarra and him decided to make a stand on the land. The clever tigris surrounded them and so Tarra fell too. It took quite some time and some brave departs until a sizable rescue force was able to gather our remains and save the remaining group.
I had had enough adventures and boats for one day and so had others. We then made our way back home, where to my joy i met Zyrober in town. I had thought the cheerful Lepori lost or worse, but he was chattering gaily in Arilon. I hope to see him again soon and histen to his adventures in the last months.

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