Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

Colosseum massacre

When i stepped out of the tower yesterday i had to rub my eyes - did i still dream? The whole town center was littered with hundreds of beer mugs. At first i thought it was a day of celebration of the Urdar, but none of them was in sight. I left the wonder behind, but when i returned Arilon had been cleaned up by some Urdars who woke up in the meanwhile.
I heard the ring of a bell and decided to visit the colosseum again and use the opportunity of being the only fighter there to test my strength against various monsters. First i ordered a fight with a leopard, who tore me apart way too quickly for me to have any hopes of passing the next test any time soon. The Ripper also was true to its name and evading this lizard proved hopeless. I went over to challenge some apes, which went better. I found i could evade about half of the blows the Bloodback Wendecka tried to deal, but in the end of course died, as i couldn´t hit him. But at least the cavern cercops and the nightwendecka didn´t prove to be much of a challenge anymore. After some large death vermine also decided that i tasted good, i tried to defeat an Orga Dredlock. I knew i would have no chance to kill him in time, but i might at least survive the whole time. And so i did, dealing blow after blow while dodging his fists, so that when the time was over, he did not only try to run away, but had just become red!
In the evening we went to Dean, as Leda hoped to discover something in this area she had never been before. The group had no problems crossing the small part of Aroona and treangi and so we arrived in Dean whole, but with quite some delay. Immediately the first wendeckas tried to drive us back, but we had no trouble killing them. Encouraged by Ledas mental enhancements we even brought down a stonemyr pretty quickly, although i still think Dresko had to do most of the work.
We ventured north, toward the castle and the village, as many hadn´t been there before. On our way we encountered not only more wendeckas, but also some cobras, that i had never before seen in this rocky surrounding. Their black skin makes them nearly invisible on the ground, if you are unlucky, you will only see them when they open their mouth right in front of you. But the group was big and strong enough to deal easily with the snakes.
For the way back we chose to tour the western slope of the mountain, encountering several large wendeckas, that finally proved to be a challenge. Several stonemyrs roaming the valleys had to be left behind though, as they still required several boosts and time. Finally we went back by boat. I had intended to run through Aroona by foot and so evade more than half of the boattrip, but in the end we had some trouble getting back and i had to go with the others.

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