Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

The Door opens again

It´s been some time since my last entry, but not only meditation has kept me occupied, also a strange incident with the jammed door of the medi tower prevented noteworthy adventures. At least this resulted in a try to start catalouging all the beasts in our lands, a task i´d pushed away from me for quite some time. Since our craftsmen managed to pry it open again i´ve been on the fresh air more often.

My first trip led to the hidden valley. A quite large group had gathered and a lot more Tok'Hans than usual made for a challenging way from the ridge in the mountains to the buildings that house the tests for the 4th circle for healers and fighters.
When we had arrived we gathered at the fence to see our healers in action, but although their selfhealing abilities and luring techniques were a great show, none of them managed to heal the fallen. My own little test in the neighbour building only showed me what i already knew: cobrateeth leave ugly and painful marks.
Nevertheless Terra Bul was in a cheery mood and so she performed a dance in town with Zyrober, who seems to have lost none of his agility while meditating. I´m sure soon he will be seen dashing through the world again like in old days, maybe he will even try to give another lesson in fightrobics.
I´ve also visited the castle of Torthens several times recently, since it turned out that the nors can make shovels from the ore that Nauggaths like to collect in the tunnels under the castle. The Nauggaths don´t really seem to approve my tries to wrestle the glittering stones from them, but it seems as if we can help the Urdar with enough shovels for their work on crashed tunnels in a little while.

Yesterday i went with a group to Chelicae, an area better known as Wasteland-Noids. Appleseed wanted to learn the portal there and so wet set off with a nice group, although i had my doubts that we could kill the hoardes of Noids quickly enough to make progress.
As it turned out that wasn´t neccessary, as we used the famous "run to xy - seperate - some fall, some arrive - some chaining, some healing, some falling - run to yz..." tactic, which eventually brought all of us to the south of the caves. While Appleseed started learning, Lafa got the opportunity to hone his dentistskills a little and the Kyttyns tried to relax after the luring, pushing, healing and chaining. In the end we all got teleported back to town, happy to have survived this journey.

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