Sonntag, 13. September 2009

A lost Race

Some days ago i felt excited when leaving the tower. Not only were several hardened Arilonians around, they were also up for a hunt! At first we could not really decide, which became the fate of the Albino Maha roaming town for some time. He tried to get a sniff of us and in return we tried to tickle him with our weapons, Dresko showing impressive skill with hers not for the only time that evening.
In the end we settled for Orga Woods and started with the obligatory tour through camp 2, a visit at the Orga Chief, a sidestep to the Grendels and on to camp 3. As well as the group worked together and brought down whatever foes threatened them, sadly no one had brought a ladder to clear this encampment of even the last Orga witnesses to the slaughter.
Even the way to the Orga Woods was uneventful and a quick look out of the cave showed just a few Warlocks and a Fury and a Rage waiting to challenge us. Due to this we took hold of the entrance snell without really breaking asweat, but the real challenge should lie before us. The mazelike way through the woods leading south provided hiding places for a bunch of Orga Shamans who shamelessly slung their fireballs at us just when we were occupied fighting other enemies. A little way in we met our first LDV which accompanied an Orga Dredlock. Both immediately fell on us and our two younger companions went down faster than we could blink, but luckily us others could retreat out of the Shamans range and bring the pair down.
With a little luring we managed to seperate the LDVs waiting for us near the tomatosellers hut and with that reached its safety much faster and with much less resistance than i had expected. Of course we didn´t let the opportunity pass to create a fearsome war paint on our faces for the way ahead.
On we went, always keeping to the eastern trees. I peeked ahead and then lured beasts in the waiting blades of the group until it was safe for all to cross and repeat the procedure just a bit further south.
None of the feared stronger BROs bothered us, not even an LDAV was to be seen and just like that we reached the southern mountains, where we relaxed and tried to regain a little strength in the safe before we passed Ogrus Han on his plateau leading into the pirate caves. When i tried to scout ahead though, i disturbed a pack of LDVs and Frenzymac had no chance to escape when two of them pinned him down with his back to the steep mountainside. Eventually we managed to secure the region again, fending of the vermines and a Dred, but Ariel and Frenzymac had suffered wounds too severe for Tarra to heal alone. Not even a healing potion helped getting Frenzy to his feet and our prayers died away unheard.
After i had futilely looked for places to crawl through the densely standing trees on our way i was eager to do so on the way to the portal and we were quite sure we wouldn´t be able to chain the fallens back to safety, so a plan was forged. Every one of the remaining Arilonians would step west and run north as fast and far as he could, with the one getting furthest winning this race to death. Of course i intended to run along the eastern line of trees to keep an eye on possible paths, but immediately my lack of field practice became my doom. A gap i judged broad enough to pass through suddenly was blocked by the Zerk coming from behind the treetrunk and my trail of pursuers sealed off the backway - i had become trapped not even a mile away from our starting point, still more than 5 away from the portal place! It took the vermine quite some time to bring me down, but eventually i fell without managing to wriggle out of the trap. Still, it had been a most impressive hunt, thanks to the great group!


Onashi hat gesagt…

Great read, Glam =) What's an LDAV, though?

Glamdring hat gesagt…

Thats what we came to call the Large Dark Vermines, the bigger version of the dark vermines

Lafaborn hat gesagt…

Thank you very much Glam, great story, would love to be part of it. ;-)