Dienstag, 15. September 2009

Froggy memories

Yesterday a small group decided to hunt Kajmanos. After a quick journey to the temple we had to step into the small nutshells some people call boats to get further. As i had feared this proved to be a very dangerous means of travelling, 2 fully grown Sekats were waiting for us on the Ardvell river behind the Noth caves. It was a tough fight from the swaying boat, but Lafa took great care to keep me alive.
When we finally arrived at the Swamp, i didn´t even have time to be glad to have firm ground under my feet again, as a Giant Kajmano immediately seized my leg with its jaw and tried to twist it from my body! Together we managed to wound it severly enough for it to let go and finally we brought it down.
We then took a round around the swamp where it was pretty hard to not step in puddles deeper than my shoes. While young and large Kajmanos died pretty fast to our forces, giants were another matter and we had to concentrate to keep the upper hand in those encounters. Near the southeastern safe we encountered three of them and it took some time until we finally had managed to hunt them down. On our way north a strange thing happened. Lexlan pitied the frogs we cleared to have space when fighting more dangerous creatues. Of course i kept going and then some weird force - Splashs ghost? - took hold of me and i found myself shouting about revenge for Splash and all of a sudden we were standing in a bunch of angry frogs!
Of course they stood no chance and so we finally continued our round and although the way back was only possible via boat, we arrived safely back in town, although a huge pack of cougars tried to ambush us at one of the Kittyland paths.


Dresko hat gesagt…

Thanks for the new story. Always a pleasure to read oyur adventures.

Just curious: I see you have disabled the name tags. Are you actually playing without name tags or do you just turn them off for the screenshots?
Always a good exercise for the reader to identify the people before reading the story =).

Glamdring hat gesagt…

I always play without the tags, the game looks much better that way and with the small population we always had it was never a problem for me to recognize others (except in boats, but i have other problems there than thinking about other peoples names)

Sunke Schmidtko hat gesagt…

thanks glam for telling stories again! I hope I will find some time to join you guys again more often - though it probably would be around 6-8am UTC (evenings here) ... must hunts ended by that time i guess ;-)