Samstag, 19. Dezember 2009

Feeling strong is not enough

Yesterday i woke again after a long while of meditation and while i enjoyed the christmas-decorated town center i pondered over the meaning of the meditation for my recent studies. Fortunately Elaine woke up too and so we decided to hunt together, as we had done so often before. Glad to get the opportunty of warming up my body and using the newly won skills i lead the way east, when suddenly i stood in a place i was sure to house a shortcut to Ursusville, but my eyes slid past the way all the time and so we had to go a good bit further than intended. Finally we arrived in Marranyin and began hunting the deserts inhabitants. Some Mahas and Tigris were the first to engage us and i found myself evading them easily while dealing out severe wounds myself.
To my joy i even found myself still very capable in recovering their warmly-red shining furs.
Even whole groups of creatures didn´t manage to bring us in any severe danger, only the great snakes living there prooved too hard and so had to be lured away. After earning quite some coins, we headed back to town and i went to sleep with the sure feeling to be able to fight nearly any creature successfully.
Just thist feeling made me search companions for a way to the 4th circle fighter test when waking up again today. What could possibly go wrong there after i had managed to kill Tigris, Mahas and Kojotes in a row the day before? Well, in the test i quickly remembered the difference between fighting alone and having a skilled healer with you, as well as making contact with sharp Leopards teeth. My best skills had always been the evasion of enemies harmful strikes, but this test showed me how much i still have to learn.
On the way back i could release my frustration on some Tok'Hans and even a leech trying to torch me couldn´t stop me.