Sonntag, 9. August 2009

Canyon? A walk in the park...umh.. dark!

Another short time out of the tower brought the next visit to a wrongly feared area, the Canyon! Balaforn had earned the title Ferrumo by impressing the fighters guild enough and so we set out to Dinken to buy a freshly forged hatchet. Except for some nasty snakes whose bites caused a temporary nausea, the way there was rather uneventful, pieces of hyenas were flying left and right as we carved our path to the town. Although Mordor and myself had not much time left i got the idea to peek into the depths of the canyon.
We climbed down the ladder and immediately some dim shapes waddled our way and red eyes glowed in the dark. I moved without thought and brought the hatchet down hard between the nearest pair of eyes. I heard the crack of bones and when i lifted my weapon the limp body of a dark vermine slid down from it. I had no time to wonder, as the shapes had come closer and were now recognizable as fungi.
We closed in around the first one and soon had chopped it into pieces, but the other required immediate attention by trying to wound us. I don´t know how long it took to fight them - illuminated only by the glowing healing crystals of our healers, the sun never touches these depths - but quite soon we stood there alone, only a nasty beetle was still around.
We finally managed to trap it near one of the steep walls and began trying to pierce its chitin hide. I managed to evade its bite most of the time, but the fight began lasting quite a while until we realised that just when we had made a scratch into it the blood began to dry and the wound to close. Either this beetle had studied long under T'rool and Hyenas or both of them are just poor nature's imitats of this creatures healing abilities and so we finally left it alone. Still, the first snell of the canyon again proved of not much difficulty, i can´t wait which formerly hard area i´ll conquer next time i wake up!


Onashi hat gesagt…

Glad to see you writing and playing again, Glamdring =)

Dresko hat gesagt…

Yes good to see you are back in the lands. Bad luck i missed this canyon hunt.

tarra hat gesagt…

glam! i never realized the banner on top.:) made me laugh hardly. nice work. all challenges a cat can meet: 1. tiger fur for 99 coins
2. kudzu walls
3. orga chiefs
and finally
4. the water

....before they reach the holy milk!