Samstag, 8. August 2009

Orga Woods? Piece of cake!

Some days ago i woke from my meditational state - in which i had fallen after hearing from the higher beings at the meeting that eventually evil will overwhelm our beloved lands and there´s nothing we can do about it - eager to stretch and hunt. Luckily a group was about to head to the Orga Camp and so i quickly joined them.
Only some Zippos and Ari made some problems when we cleared Camp 2 and so we set on toward Camp 3. We didn´t encounter much resistance along the way and so decided to make a detour to the Grendels, who we brought down and devided their riches among ourselves. Upon arrivl at Camp 3 i found that i brick the Trotzkis fairly well as well as hit them. Camp 3 itself wasn´t populated that much and so we had quickly conquered it. Some cowards had even climbed the steep wall in the camp to evade our blades.
Being in a bloodrage we didn´t care about having just Lafaborns healing skills around and so decided to go on and have a look into the Orga Woods. Neither stronger BROs nor Large Dark Vermines tried to bar our way there and so we arrived safely in the cave leading to the forest. A quick look outside showed some LDVs, an Orga Dredlock and some minor Orgas. Together the fighters set out to get rid of the furry vermines, which worked pretty well.
With healing up just once we managed to go out again together and reduce the rest of the Orga until finally we only had the Dredlock to face. He fought desperately, but i managed to evade his blows well enough, while every strike of McM and Ari caused gaping wounds in his hide. Finally our foe sank on his knees and died, we had conquered the first snell easily!
Sadly i had to leave again and so this short, but funny trip ended with a run home via several paths.

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